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Kidz on the run

Kids with gums

The Rest of the Gang – You!
Ergo Phizmiz – Voodoo People
Grandmagneto – Lets Dance
Oblivian Substanshall – Just Look At All The Love In The World, And Be Gorgeous
Blax Box – Bulbul Box Energy
David Fenech – Divney RMX
Elvis Herod – Sergeant Fox Trot
Jacques Malchance – Electro Phizmiz Rimex
Lezet – An Insanitary Abstraction in the Backyard
Pete Um – Look Sharp Slice 4
Robodub – Neon Rollers
Symboter – Electronic City
Dwoogie – Fox on the Run
Vulnavia Vanity – Worse Things Happen at Sea
Adolf Dymsza – A mnie w to graj Bolek i Lolek 1936
Su Tissue – Salon De Musique
TorentE – E-form

Japo Records – just a glimpse


Dollar Brand – Air

Om – Cerberus’ dance

Herbert Joos – The Warm Body Of My True Love

Bobby Naughton Units – Nital rock

Edward Vesala – Nan Madol

Jiri Stivin, Rudolf Dašek – Moravian folk song – Forman going down the valley

Tom Van Der – Wandering I

Enrico Rava – Epejismo Ratonera

Magog – Lock

Globe Unity – Improvisation 3

Amm III – Convergence

Stephan Micus – Borkenkind

Tiny Music Machine

Kids with gums

Cecil Cantburn – Catching Game
Berry Lipman – Round Up
Dave Vorhaus – The Oiy Machine
Dave Richmond – Movin’ Along
Ron Geesin – Ambling Antics
C. Larson & M. Landy – Highway El
Gerhard Trede – Technischer Bewegungsablauf
Eric Peters – Heystone Capers 2
Ted Athing, Alian Feanch – Children Carnival
Dave Vorhaus – Mainframe Blues
Gerhard Trede – Gefahrenzone 1
Roland Hovac – Bits
Dave Vorhaus – Three D
Eric Peters – Mechanical Movement
Heinz Funh – Menuett
Brian Benett – Ergon
Steve Gray – The Sausage Machine
Mladen Franko – Zoolife
Ron Geesin – Jolly Franks
Harry Breuer – Saturn Sky Jump
Gil Trythall – Yakety Moog
Mort Garson – The Blobs – Son Of Blob
Jim Cuomo – Earthshine
Harry Breuer – Moog Foo Young
Fred Weimberg – A Child Life
Bruce Haach – Party Machine
Harry Breuer – Paris 2079
Don Christopher – Love Syndrome
Tom Dissevelt – Kid Baltan – Sonik Re-Entry

Opal Tapes


Cloudface – Coffee
Ñaka Ñaka – dioges
Xosar – The Pit
J. Albert – Kiss The Ground
Life’s Track – Kicks Invasion
Nathan Melja – Ludes
Prostitutes – Walk The Angry Sea
Personable – You Will (Fix)
Basic House – I Don’t Remember Acid
Tuff Sherm & PMM – Obelisk Mumble
Huerco S. – Press On (Ruff Rub)
BAT & OND TON – Eniwetok 1952

Psychedelia on Plebiscite POP VII

psichedelia on plebiscite

Cranes – Astronauts

The Squared Circle – Smoking heart

Hoboken Division – Out Of Business

The Saint James Society – The Ballad of the White Horse

The Outside Hours – Bloodshot Eyes

Alpha Whale – Somewhere left behind

Electric Eye – 6am

Magic Castles – Big Sur

Polska Radio One – Новый Космос

Shark Week – If You Want Me To Stay (For a While)

Thee Boas – She dance so well

Jesus on Heroine – No Hard Feelings

Rancho Relaxo – Cry over you

Alpha Waves – Break Of Light

Tiga Lilly – Is this magic

Moaning Cities – Jah Ming Dee

The Hedgehogs – Can’t Find Myself

De Underjordiske – Trold

Sound Sweet Sound – Death is on The Way

Jesus on Heroine – I Won’t Be Loving You That Long

Psychedelia on Plebiscite POP VI

psichedelia on plebiscite

The Satelliters – Go away

Black Tabs – Better Off As Strangers

The Black Waves – Full-Time Dreamers

Radar men from the Moon – Where sky meets Earth

Hoboken Division – Sugardaddy

The Road To Suicide – Before Lexington

Invisible Ships – Acid Tide

Oholics – Last Stoned Monday

Double Veterans – Beer Life

Bilderberg Motel – Centrepoint

Birth of Joy – Devil’s Paradise

The Be Helds – There’s Still Time

MindFlowers – Death Grip (Let Go)

Suns of Thyme – Soma (God for Gods)

Purple Heart Parade – The room

Deep Space – Lady Heroin

The Movements – Great Deceiver

Heaters – Draggin’ Feet

Thee Dang Dangs – Dust in the Mojave

Sudden Death of Stars – Why Won’t You Try

Psychedelia on Plebiscite V

psichedelia on plebiscite

TAMAM SHUD – Heaven Is Closed

Thee Dang Dangs – Midnight Come Rolling

Dead Horse One – He Goes Down

Ride Into The Sun – Spill

The Auras – The Holy Mountain

Lola Colt – Diamonds

Oil Of Angels – Holy Roller

Trevor and The Joneses – Superslow

The Sufis – Sri Sai Flora

Halasan Bazar – Stay

L.A. Witch – Get Lost

House of Dolls – No Excuses

Psychlops Eyepatch – Munchausen by Proxy

Drinking Flowers – Bite the Hand

Sunken Seas – Asylum

Far Out Fangtooth – Bow Your Head

Travelling Wave – Motorcycle Two

Qúetzal Snåkes – Oh Lord Of Deafstruction

Velvet Morning – Clouds Come First

Heavy Shake – Everything You Hope To See

G(oo)dnig(h)†, k(i)dz|||!

Kids with gums.png

Chris Carter – Climbing

Kylie Ann Minogue – CgyOOmh (lofi-dub mix by hey,m∆n! feat. liman-alfa)

Trigger System – John Balance/Peter Christopherson


Razxca – Squall (Edit)

Crimson Butterfly – All The Things I Have Forgotten

Summer Of Haze – Drowned My

†chornavidm▲ – †-shir†

k◬ɪzər Söʊzeɪ – afterdark rendezvous

v† – YΘU

✝BL▲CK C∆T✝ – ɼɪcʰ wɪtcʰ

De▲d Idols – In₤ra Ɖ ead

Black Donuts – Never Say Die

Sadwave – Tears (demo)

Haapa – Osenniy ΜΑRАFΘN (with Kendrick Lamar)


ɪɲ ʕʰɘɼɾʏ ɟȺɱɨʟʮ – 純粋な 少女


G(oo)dnig(h)†, k(i)dz|||!

TorentE’s in the witch house


Chris Carter – Interloop


Craspore – Illegal

IC3PEAK – They Beat You

oOoOO – Mouchette

Panzar – Panzer Disco

portwave – الليل المظلم

Sadwave – Sun in Lungs

Salem – Sick

Sidewalks and Skeletons – Crystal Castles – Violent Dreams [Sidewalks and Skeletons remix]

Skaen – Palace

Slagsmĺlsklubben – Synthpopper

TapeHunter – Бандито гангстерито



Modern Witch – Cinema

OAKE – Zweites Buch: Var Genstien