Seven Berlin Bands Worth Listening To

Bandcamp Daily

From the left: Laisse-Moi, Levin Goes Lightly, Slow Steve, and Roosevelt.

Berlin is perhaps best known as the home of electronic dance music, but there’s much more to the city’s musical landscape.  Relatively low rents, artist-friendly social policies (even non-citizens qualify for many artist grants), and legendary nightlife attract international artists looking to collaborate with other musicians, start a label, or open a venue. On any given night, at the local kneipe or club, one is likely to hear a mishmash of languages—Catalan, French, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, English, and dozens more.

Ask the average English-speaker to name a German indie band off the top of their head and one will likely get very few (though excellent) examples: Kraftwerk, of course. Maybe Einstürzende Neubauten. German New Wave bands Nena, Peter Schilling and Falco (ask any German about the latter, and you will hear “but he’s Austrian”). Rammstein. Indie rock fans may know the…

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