Africa Airways


Mbamina – Kilowi-Kilowi

Ekambi Brillant – Africa Africa

Tala A.M. – Black Gold

Kemayo – Kag Am

Manu Dibango – Mimbo

Jo Bisso – Give It Up

Jake Sollo – Father Time, Mother Nature

Sookie – Choco Date

African Souls Band – Nande

Jo Tongo – Jangolo

Ekambi Brillant – Aboki (Mon Copain)

Pasteur Lappe – Na Real Sekele Fo Ya

Bongi Makeba – Don’t Do It

Oscar Harris and the Twinkle Stars – Relax (before Doin’ Sex)

Bozambo – Get It On the Music

Misse Ngoh – Tata Ngoh

Miriam Makeba – Toyota Fantasy (John Bryan Edit)

Jo Tongo – Piani

M’Bamina – Mbongui

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