Morpho Eugenia III


Jimi Hendrix Experience – Up from the skies

The Who – The Acid Queen

Led Zeppelin – Good times, bad times

Santana – Hope you re feelin better

The Nice – The thoughts of Emerlist Davjack

Pink Floyd – San Tropez

Jethro Tull – Aqualung

Manfred Mann s Earth Band – Countdown

Deep Purple – Burn

Marillion – Punch & Judy

Brian Ferry – Wildcat days

Yes – Owner of a lonely heart

Floex – Made Of Wood / Phi Log

Libido – = –/II-L /–

Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis 3000 (Short Cut)

Darrin Verhagen – Chernobyl

Tobias Bernstrup – Young Boys

Ausgang Verboten – Estética

Converter · Asche · Morgenstern – In Hell

Missing Foundation – Kill the Hypnotic Bastards

Popnoname – Touch (The Field Remix)

Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer – Second Half

Wendy Gondeln – Fracking-Zwei / Magazine (Magazine Remix)

Troum – Instaling morphosis with Arvo (TorentE rmx)


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