Kids with guns


Joe Hisaishi – Lupin

The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Chase Init

Hans Zimmer – Suis-moi

The Squarewave Surfers – Reformater La Planète

Raymond Scott – Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.

Toby Fox – Unnecessary Tension /  Enemy Approaching

Belbury Poly – The Moonlawn

Eric Zann – The Obsidian Pyramid

Hintermass – So It Shall Be

John Foxx and the Belbury Circle – Empty Avenues

Jonny Trunk – Le Train Fantome

Mount Vernon Arts Lab – Hobgoblins (Coil Remix)

Pye Corner Audio – Sleep Games

Roj and Wolfram Wire – The Salt Path

The Advisory Circle – Frozen Ponds PIF(3:32)

The Focus Group – Falling Leaf Beat

Mount Vernon Arts Lab – The Black Drop

Eric Zann – Threshold

Coova – Reformat The Planet

VRUMZSSSR – Leave Me Alone (New Order cover)

virt – Retro City Rampage Title Song

Vince Guaraldi – Linus and Lucy

Peter Hammill & Gary Lucas – Of Kith & Kin

Supersilent – 1.2

Puma – half nelson courtship

Holly Herndon – Terminal


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