Psychedelia on Plebiscite II

MX-80 Sound – Summer ’77

Daturah – Hybrisma

Kramer – Do Wah Diddy Diddy

Leb i sol – Devetka

Brainticket – Black Sand

Blodwyn Pig – San Francisco Sketches

Oz Noy – Which Way Is Up?!

MannGold de Cobre – Fuzzhound

The Outside Hours – She Took The Gun

The Same Old Band – Oh So Tired

Sudden Death of Stars – I’m Not Among Believers

The Bad Joke That Ended Well – Journey Man

Dead Rabbits – MMB

New Candys – Blackbeat

The Blue Stones – Rolling With The Punches

Dead – Human light

The Dolly Rocker Movement – Silently We Sung

The Citradels – Technicolour Nightmare

Deep Space – Evil Dreams

Federale & Alex Maas – The Blood Flowed Like Wine

The Balcony Stars – The Butterfly Girl

Burn Antares -Turning the Sun

The Vickers – I Don’t Know What It Is

Go!Zilla – Dazed Dream

Moaning Cities – Heaven-Abyss

Betrayers – Cherry Beach

Kill West – Lazy Eye

Ensemble Pearl –  Sexy Angle

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