Pater noster


Copiii se tem de întuneric. Adulţii de lumină. Un adevăr ( două adevăruri?) antic. Creaţia e imperfectă. Cu cât mai imperfectă, cu atât mai urgentă mântuirea. Alt adevăr. Filozofic.

” Notre pere qui etes aux Cieux / Restez-y / Et nous nous resterons sur la terre / Qui est quelquefois si jolie…”

” Tatăl nostru care eşti în ceruri / Rămâi acolo / Cât eşti tu de sfânt / Şi noi o să rămânem pe pământ / Fiindcă pământul câteodată e frumos ”

Prevert nu blasfemiază cu această poezie, ” Pater noster “. E o încercare de a depăşi punctul critic  al dialecticii credinţa – necredinţă. Fără a pune clasica întrebare :

-Si Deus, unde malum?

Chiar aşa, dacă există Dumnezeu, atunci de unde vine răul?

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The Zen Painter


Camera 360

There was a great Zen monk , shortly after 1000AD , who had a very peculiar way of painting. He had long hair and he would get very drunk on rice wine, then soaked his hair into ink and flushed it all over the paper and then decided what kind of a landscape was formed in the pattern. Then he put the finishing touches. Suddenly the great mess would be evoked into a lovely landscape.

If a person is untrained in painting , makes a mess with a brush , whereas a person who has the feeling of painting for a long time , and makes a mess with a brush or just do anything on canvas , it looks interesting ,and that is why if you copy the modern abstract painters , you will find it very difficult to do . Because there is more to spontaneity than caprice…

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TorentE on Bandcamp

Noise is the word for TorentE’s basis // his music is very experimental oriented and performative. Portraying soundscapes with samples, some tracks drown in ambiguous noises leading the way to a total annihilation of conventional forms of music.sequence-series-fata

Kidz on the run

Kids with gums

The Rest of the Gang – You!
Ergo Phizmiz – Voodoo People
Grandmagneto – Lets Dance
Oblivian Substanshall – Just Look At All The Love In The World, And Be Gorgeous
Blax Box – Bulbul Box Energy
David Fenech – Divney RMX
Elvis Herod – Sergeant Fox Trot
Jacques Malchance – Electro Phizmiz Rimex
Lezet – An Insanitary Abstraction in the Backyard
Pete Um – Look Sharp Slice 4
Robodub – Neon Rollers
Symboter – Electronic City
Dwoogie – Fox on the Run
Vulnavia Vanity – Worse Things Happen at Sea
Adolf Dymsza – A mnie w to graj Bolek i Lolek 1936
Su Tissue – Salon De Musique
TorentE – E-form

Japo Records – just a glimpse


Dollar Brand – Air

Om – Cerberus’ dance

Herbert Joos – The Warm Body Of My True Love

Bobby Naughton Units – Nital rock

Edward Vesala – Nan Madol

Jiri Stivin, Rudolf Dašek – Moravian folk song – Forman going down the valley

Tom Van Der – Wandering I

Enrico Rava – Epejismo Ratonera

Magog – Lock

Globe Unity – Improvisation 3

Amm III – Convergence

Stephan Micus – Borkenkind

Tiny Music Machine

Kids with gums

Cecil Cantburn – Catching Game
Berry Lipman – Round Up
Dave Vorhaus – The Oiy Machine
Dave Richmond – Movin’ Along
Ron Geesin – Ambling Antics
C. Larson & M. Landy – Highway El
Gerhard Trede – Technischer Bewegungsablauf
Eric Peters – Heystone Capers 2
Ted Athing, Alian Feanch – Children Carnival
Dave Vorhaus – Mainframe Blues
Gerhard Trede – Gefahrenzone 1
Roland Hovac – Bits
Dave Vorhaus – Three D
Eric Peters – Mechanical Movement
Heinz Funh – Menuett
Brian Benett – Ergon
Steve Gray – The Sausage Machine
Mladen Franko – Zoolife
Ron Geesin – Jolly Franks
Harry Breuer – Saturn Sky Jump
Gil Trythall – Yakety Moog
Mort Garson – The Blobs – Son Of Blob
Jim Cuomo – Earthshine
Harry Breuer – Moog Foo Young
Fred Weimberg – A Child Life
Bruce Haach – Party Machine
Harry Breuer – Paris 2079
Don Christopher – Love Syndrome
Tom Dissevelt – Kid Baltan – Sonik Re-Entry

Opal Tapes


Cloudface – Coffee
Ñaka Ñaka – dioges
Xosar – The Pit
J. Albert – Kiss The Ground
Life’s Track – Kicks Invasion
Nathan Melja – Ludes
Prostitutes – Walk The Angry Sea
Personable – You Will (Fix)
Basic House – I Don’t Remember Acid
Tuff Sherm & PMM – Obelisk Mumble
Huerco S. – Press On (Ruff Rub)
BAT & OND TON – Eniwetok 1952

Psychedelia on Plebiscite POP VII

psichedelia on plebiscite

Cranes – Astronauts

The Squared Circle – Smoking heart

Hoboken Division – Out Of Business

The Saint James Society – The Ballad of the White Horse

The Outside Hours – Bloodshot Eyes

Alpha Whale – Somewhere left behind

Electric Eye – 6am

Magic Castles – Big Sur

Polska Radio One – Новый Космос

Shark Week – If You Want Me To Stay (For a While)

Thee Boas – She dance so well

Jesus on Heroine – No Hard Feelings

Rancho Relaxo – Cry over you

Alpha Waves – Break Of Light

Tiga Lilly – Is this magic

Moaning Cities – Jah Ming Dee

The Hedgehogs – Can’t Find Myself

De Underjordiske – Trold

Sound Sweet Sound – Death is on The Way

Jesus on Heroine – I Won’t Be Loving You That Long

Psychedelia on Plebiscite POP VI

psichedelia on plebiscite

The Satelliters – Go away

Black Tabs – Better Off As Strangers

The Black Waves – Full-Time Dreamers

Radar men from the Moon – Where sky meets Earth

Hoboken Division – Sugardaddy

The Road To Suicide – Before Lexington

Invisible Ships – Acid Tide

Oholics – Last Stoned Monday

Double Veterans – Beer Life

Bilderberg Motel – Centrepoint

Birth of Joy – Devil’s Paradise

The Be Helds – There’s Still Time

MindFlowers – Death Grip (Let Go)

Suns of Thyme – Soma (God for Gods)

Purple Heart Parade – The room

Deep Space – Lady Heroin

The Movements – Great Deceiver

Heaters – Draggin’ Feet

Thee Dang Dangs – Dust in the Mojave

Sudden Death of Stars – Why Won’t You Try

Psychedelia on Plebiscite V

psichedelia on plebiscite

TAMAM SHUD – Heaven Is Closed

Thee Dang Dangs – Midnight Come Rolling

Dead Horse One – He Goes Down

Ride Into The Sun – Spill

The Auras – The Holy Mountain

Lola Colt – Diamonds

Oil Of Angels – Holy Roller

Trevor and The Joneses – Superslow

The Sufis – Sri Sai Flora

Halasan Bazar – Stay

L.A. Witch – Get Lost

House of Dolls – No Excuses

Psychlops Eyepatch – Munchausen by Proxy

Drinking Flowers – Bite the Hand

Sunken Seas – Asylum

Far Out Fangtooth – Bow Your Head

Travelling Wave – Motorcycle Two

Qúetzal Snåkes – Oh Lord Of Deafstruction

Velvet Morning – Clouds Come First

Heavy Shake – Everything You Hope To See